Nate's Secret Formula Cheatsheet Printable
Nate's Secret Formula Cheatsheet PrintableNate's Secret Formula Cheatsheet Printable

The Blending Formula Cheat-Sheet is a short yet goldmine full of straight forward tips & formulas for perfect consistencies EVERY TIME. Creator of these easy to understand strategies is Nathan, who taught them as he trained other demonstrators successfully to help learn FAST. Now you can too! 


Just as the cover says: You'll be years ahead of the average blender owner within just minutes.


You'll instantly receive a PDF cheatsheet which you can either view on any device or print out at home to keep handy in the kitchen for when you're whipping something up and need some quick yet healthy ideas


  • The Perfect Smoothie Formula
  • The Perfect Soup Formula
  • The Perfect Dessert Formula
  • Plus Free 3 Bonus Example Recipes to follow along.
  • And More Tips & Tricks Inside...


Order today and immediately start saving time and money in the kitchen whilst impressing your taste buds! You will no longer be the owner of a recipe book, but creating your own recipes looking like a Blending Wizard Pro!