BlendHero Masterclass (1-Time Pass)
BlendHero Masterclass (1-Time Pass)BlendHero Masterclass (1-Time Pass)

In Beta-Mode Video, 1 time-Pass. 10,000 + blending hours, 5.5 years, the best stuff condensed down into just 1 hour for you. 


 This literally life-changing 1 hr has already impressed hundreds of lives who took the chance to see what the top tips, tricks, hacks and mistakes to avoid can really do! 

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  What is a BlendHero™?  Someone who took the financial PLUNGE of an expensive mixer, all to protect their family's health (and of course their own)! A True Hero!  NOW is the time to maximize the potential of your Blender, your immune system and learn to turn your blender into the beast it is!  Endless options await your family's taste buds. Flip the switch!  



 Most owners get stuck in 'smoothie-only' mode when in reality their blender is the most under-utilized, time-saving, energy-saving, WASTE-PREVENTING, appliance, EVER!  A big claim, but it's been proven over and over again. 

The problem?  Most new blender owners don't have 500 or more blending hours to learn on their own, make mistakes, or sit down and scour the ad-filled internet with blogs that have pretty pictures but no real blending experience. 


Therefore excitement eventually fizzles out for most.  
They likely still love their machine and use it, but deep down they know they could use it more often for things they don't understand.

"You don't know, what you don't know" has always been a issue in life that can only be understood through growing pains. Unless, you have a teacher/trainer who knows what they're talking about and offers their wisdom to you.  

In a short short, hundreds of people have sent an email or a review saying, papraphrasing, this was a lot more amazing than what i expected!


 You will be re-inspired, you'll learn special formulas, creative ideas and be able to WHIP UP a whole new category with your new skills.

Learn more with this no-fluff online WebClass than the average blender owner would learn in THEIR lifetime! 


 Led by former professional Vitamix demonstrator, Nate Schneider will take you on a Quick 1 hour WebExperience with tons of graphics, formulas, recipes, tips and hacks- All based off of his nearly 10 thousands of HOURS of blending. 


This all has simple purposes - to avoid mistakes that cost most excited blender owners; their time, money and energy. 


It will also allow you to make your machine a true investment and see an ROI (return on investment) while whipping up creations such as healthy and tasty sorbets, ice creams, soups, and more...


(....without trading off your health for flavor)


It even inlcudes his 'Night-Time' Ice Cream which is scientically proven to help with healthy hair, skin AND NAILS.  And it tastes just as good or better than the store bought chemical stuff.  But more importantly than taste, leaves you feeling happy without being bogg'd down !  This protein-filled, guilt-free ice cream is passed onto you!


 A sneak peak into the course:

  • How to care for your Vitamix machine the right way to extend it's lifespan without compromising your warranty
  • Nate’s Triple Threat Vitamix method...What he discovered and used to train other demonstrators successfully & FAST.
  •  Simple time-saving tricks that let you cook faster using your Blender 
  • Tactics to have your kid's begging you for more vegetables so you can finally win the war on vegetables once and for all
  • Soups no longer frothy! Ice creams will no longer are milkshakes- and even THICKER than a dairy queen! All with a twist so the concoctions will work for your body, not against it!
  • And much more weird tips: such as how he discovered how to dish-wash his container without hurting/rusting the blades/bearings!

After enrolling you will receive instant access to the online masterclass via a personalized link and password so you can dive in.

 This instant online masterclass can be streamed and enjoyed from the comfort of your home. It will have play/pause WITH Options for FASTER SPEED  OR SLOWER SPEED function so you can follow along and learn at a pace that suits you best. 



Forget about price! It pays for itself!