BlendHero Masterclass (1-Time Pass)
BlendHero Masterclass (1-Time Pass)BlendHero Masterclass (1-Time Pass)



Do you know there's more to your power-blender than just smoothies but can't figure out how to truly make the most of your machine to turbocharge your lifestyle?



The Blendhero Masterclass has been designed to help take you from Health/Vitamix/Blendtec newbie and to expedite your progress towards Mastery in under 60 minutes even if you're not motivated in the kitchen, stink at regular cooking, have 0 blending skills, or are currently unhealthy but wanting to be healthier - with EASE on the daily. 


This instant online masterclass can be streamed and enjoyed from the comfort of your home with play/pause functionality so you can follow along and learn at a pace that suits you. Make sure you have a blender and notepad handy for this one!


Led by former professional Vitamix demonstrator, Nate Schneider will take you on a journey of discovery when it comes to the world of blending, revealing his best tips, tricks, secrets, hacks, recipes, mistakes to avoid and more... All based upon his 10,000+ hours of working with these incredible machines over his five and a half years.


This all has a simple purpose - to take you from newbie to master in just 60 minutes.


Here's just "a taste" of what you'll discover during the immersive masterclass:


  • How to care for your Vitamix machine the right way to extend it's lifespan without compromising your warranty
  • Nate’s Triple Threat Vitamix method... You won’t need to memorize recipes and you’ll expedite the learning curve FAST!
  • 3 simple time-saving tricks that let you cook faster using your Vitamix and save hours in the kitchen each week 
  • Tactics to have your kid's begging you for more vegetables so you can finally win the war on vegetables once and for all
  • Lessons learned from $250,000 spent on fresh fruit and vegetables as a Vitamix Demonstrator that go against all mainstream myths (How to identify the most nutritious and highest quality produce)
  • this is just a taste, so I can surprise you inside... 

When you join, you'll get instant access to the latest version of the BlendHero Masterclass delivered to you via a special unique link. This link is personal to you and is your special license to your 1-time watch pass. 


From the time you click the link you will then have 1 viewing on your pass to watch the masterclass at any time so you can take the time to learn at your pace and truly absorb the knowledge whilst practicing alongside!