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Guarantee it tastes the way YOU want it, before serving it!

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The only question is, Blendtec or Vitamix?

Which Brand Powerblender Do You Use?

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Saving $2.05 per day for 1 person equates to $28 a week for 2 people. Which equates to $1495.89 a YEAR! Which is almost $15,000 in a decade! This doesn't include the amount of food-fridge-waste that can be prevented! 

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What Our Amazon Customers Say

Love, love, love this blender tamper and spatula. I saw this tool on a blender support page. It is very well made. Thoroughly thought out design for effective use. The measuring spoon built in to the tamper is great for adding the last bit of seasoning or salt before or during blending.

- Kelly, Verified Amazon Buyer

I’ve had a Blendtec for years. And since day 1 it has had trouble with frozen treats. I’ve followed the recipes that came with the machine, but no dice. Cavitation has been my nemesis, and I’d have to stop the machine, scrape, stop, scrape and the results were not ideal. This product helps me make sorbets, nice creams, and protein ice creams with less fuss.

- Jane, Verified Amazon Buyer

Finally a tamper perfect for blendtec! I’ve bought some before designed for vitamix that were always too long, but this one is perfect. Finally get a smoothie to mix well without having to add so much liquid.

- Becka, Verified Amazon Buyer

I read about this wonderful tamper. It has truly been the answer to my wishes, and now I have the best of both worlds...a Blentec and a reliable tamper!

- NOSOS, Verified Amazon Buyer

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