World's Coolest Tamper: An air-pocket + HEADache Remover

A small idea to fruition

   How did you come up with such a clever tool?

  Thousands of people each week would say "I have a Vitamix®" but don't really know how to use its potential.  

"I remember the first day on my job, being trained as a demonstrator."

 A Costco member had asked Nate's peer how to make Ice Cream

"Mine come out like Milkshakes, can you show me how?" said the Costco member.

   "You probably need more Ice" the trainer had answered.   

    Nathan watched intensely so he could pick up the "tip" himself.

What happened next was nothing short of disappointing. 

The trainer (who was not only teaching Nathan) was trying to show a customer how to utilize their machine- but couldn't make an ice cream himself even after 12 months of being a demonstrator: it was hit or miss. Sometimes good, sometimes...

 it came out a milkshake!

  From that date forward, Nate wrote down every hack, tip, recipe, and tested the kinks out of them over literally thousands upon thousands of hours of blending. 

  Nate's recipes, formulas and tips helped him go from the worst demonstrator out of the pack, to the #1 demonstrator and trained DOZENS of other demonstrators with zero experience, successfully.

He didn't utilize memorization like some other trainers. He utilized tips & hacks that were teachable to others. Nathan was relied on to train dozens for years.

Balancing full-time college and work, Nathan sold high-powered blenders for nearly 6 years.  His motto is til this day, you're not selling blenders....... every unit that you sell, "YOU WILL CHANGE A FAMILY'S LIFE!".... 

Eventually Nate discovered TWO blending-epiphanies on why 97% of blender owners end up failing in their own way: 

Reason #1: The learning curve is high for blending perfection. What is needed is a simple handy device where someone could easily TASTE-TEST the blend, even while blending so they can adjust it BEFORE it's too late.  

Long-story short, he spent years making a what he initially would be a "simple", self-standing tool 

with integrated fool-proof handy measurements:  Born was the Tamperla Tamper.

Reason #2:is that a high-powered blender is the most UNDER-UTILIZED kitchen appliance to-date and making "only smoothies" 

is missing out on one of the best, life-changing, energy-creating, time-saving, waste-preventing, health revitalizing machine, EVER.

But with this means there is an absolute big learning curve. However a demonstrators main job was to SELL, not to hold a customer hostage and teach them every little thing when they are in a hurry. So there needs to be an easy to understand tip/hack/ Class to help a customer 

learn A TON, but in little time to help them AVOID MISTAKES and take their creativity to a new level. 

( Not a class on models, and how to turn it on: but real, applicable tips, tricks ideas to teach formulas 

that'll spark creation and even allow for endless creation ).

After thousands of hours of planning, shopping, creating, testing and video editing,

Nathan's 2nd epiphany eventually created a new baby to add the product family: his BlendHero™ WebClass. 🥳

A short 1 hour WebExperience to help mothers, fathers and even business owners 

expedite the entire process, jam-packed with unique self-taught tips, ideas, hacks, and all without any sponsors or any fluff.

Founder/Creator/Inventor & Happy-Part-Time-Blending Geek

---Nathan S.


Nathan also experienced a pattern that many people who had a Blendtec didn't fall in love with them like customers of Vitamix did. 

That's because Blendtec's selling point many times was that they didn't "need" a tamper. A competitive advantage as some would call it.

But, after the customer would bring their Blendtec® home, they either would never try many of the same dishes, or would get big chunks in their smoothie and ice cream. 

Now those same deflated parents who nearly regretted a Blendtec®, love it more than ever with its favorite accessory,; a Tamperla® Blender Stick! A tamper designed specifically with Blendtec® users in mind.  Nathan offers 2 options depending on the Lid-TYPE